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What Is Shared Hosting?

The question that many people who want to start a website or blog often ask is - what is shared hosting? Many of these people often have several options at their disposal, so they want to investigate the pros and cons of each option before picking the most suitable website hosting service for their new site. The following are the ins and outs of shared website hosting services.


What is Shared Hosting?


This is a hosting service where several clients share the resources of one server. This includes the bandwidth, storage space, RAM, CPU and server software. At the same time, users share the cost of maintaining the server. As a result, the service is affordable.


It is important to note that users do not have a restriction on the resources they can access. For this reason, high traffic sites that use this type of service can crash a server, making all the other websites that are hosted on that server unavailable to users all over the world. Therefore, this hosting plan is best suited for blogs and other low-traffic websites.


Types of Shared Plans


There are basically two types of hosting; Windows and Linux hosting. While they are both reliable, the former is a little bit more costly to operate because the hosting company must pay for software licenses every year to use the Windows operating system as well as its applications. Users are also limited in terms of the types of applications they can add to their websites. In many cases, users also have to pay for special web apps to add to their websites. On the other hand, Linux is an open source operating system, meaning that hosting companies, as well as users, do not pay to use system-related applications.

Hosting firms may also classify their shared plans based on the number of users who will be sharing each server. For instance, the cheapest packages often have many users sharing the same server, while shared plans that are a little bit more expensive have fewer users, because each user has access to more resources.


How to Choose a Hosting Package


Now that the question - what is shared hosting? - has been answered, consumers must also know how to choose the right service provider. The most important thing to consider is the server up-time guarantee. Any service that does not guarantee 99.9% server up-time should be ignored. Cost is also an important consideration, so a price comparison should be considered. The features that come with a service must also be considered before a decision is made.

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