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How to Find Cheap and Reliable Website Hosting Companies

When you're starting a website for your own business or for personal use, you'll want to look for a web hosting provider that you can rely on, as well as one that is affordable. However, it is not always easy to find a low-cost and reliable web hosting company because sometimes you will find a company that is cheap but is not as dependable as you'd like it to be. So, the best way to find such a company would be to do your research beforehand before you decide to change your web host.


So how do you research website hosting companies?


Finding website hosting companies is so easy nowadays, just type "web hosting" and Google, or whatever search engine you're using, will give you an endless list of web hosting providers. However, after you've narrowed down the list to the price and features you require, how do you know which web hosting providers are affordable and reliable?


Carry out a Google search


Google is a great way to find cheap and reliable website hosting companies. However, the truth of the matter is that if you look for low-cost web hosts on Google, you're likely to find more keyword optimizers than high quality web hosting services. That is how search engines works. So be careful when choosing a web host.


Go to a site list

List of cheap web hosting serves.


Read the web hosting forums


If you're a webmaster or own a small business website, you must belong to at least a single webmaster forum. The internet has many communities where people talk about problems that webmasters encounter. Visit your favorite forum to find out what others are saying about certain website hosting companies.  Indeed, many forums have members buying and selling web hosting services from one another. In fact, you will find that there are also forums where plenty of buying and selling of domain names and websites is done. Yes, that's true. If you're a webmaster or you own a small business and want to build a website, checking out web hosting forums is a good way to meet other people and get help if necessary.


Read the web hosting company reviews


It's very important that you read the reviews of the company you're thinking of using. People who use the services of website hosting companies will write about them somewhere, whether they've been impressed by them or not. So make sure you check out reviews of several web hosts before you choose one. However, you need to remember that there are plenty of fake websites which have the so called user reviews. Make sure you only read reviews from reputable sites.


Check the company's background


Check the "Company History" or "About Us" page at the website and find out how long the hosting company has been operating. A company that has been operational for several years is a good sign that it will be in business for years to come. Also remember to check their BBB rating. This is a good indicator of whether or not the company keeps its promises to its customers.


Check out their servers


Where are the servers of the companies housed?  Do they have their own in-house hosting?  Or is the server housed elsewhere where a third party is running it? What are the host's up-time statistics? A good web hosting company should be able to publish or provide a link to some up-time monitor.


Check the price


The truth of the matter is that if you buy cheap web hosting, you're more likely to get cheap quality service. No matter what anybody tells you about finding the cheapest possible deal, you don't want to end up with something that's useless. That's why you need to avoid extremely cheap deals when looking for a web hosting service.


Send pre-sales questions


The answers to pre-sales questions you send a company may tell you more about a prospective web host. First of all, you'll find out how long the host takes to reply, and how well they communicate when you receive the reply. You need to ask questions concerning the above points as well as ask questions related to your particular needs.


Are you considering setting up a site for your small business? If yes, then you need to look for a cheap but reliable web hosting company. It's important to look for this kind of host if your business is small or medium-sized without money to waste. However, make sure you don't compromise on the quality of services just because there are many options of low-cost website hosting companies.


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